With our platform we hyper target potential candidates that fit your open job offering. Bringing your job ad to all of the potential candidates using AI and self-learning job marketing campaigns. 

  • Profiling ideal candidates

  • Adjusting content 

  • Campaigning



We help you determine your ideal HR Marketing Strategy, aiming at filling your pipeline in the most optimal manner by focussing on the latest marketing techniques to reach all potential candidates during their applicant journey. 

  • Focusing on increasing your Employer Brand to have a better influx with every new job opening

  • Designing your HR Marketing Strategy

  • Alligning your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) with Customer Value Proposition

  • Translating your EVP to valuable information and content for your potential employees


Applicant & employee centricity

Reaching out to more potential candidates, especially the ones are aren't actively looking for a job, requires a more human approach. While we let AI and automatic systems do their thing in the back, a human 2 human approach makes the difference in recruiting and selecting the ideal talent in the front.

  • Increasing Employee and applicant centricity

  • Creating Employee ambassadorship

  • Optimizing selection processes

  • Scanning and improving company motivational climates




We can't wait to help and bring
you to the next level of recruiting.

The HR Marketers


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The HR Marketers

VAT BE0712840825

The HR Marketers

VAT BE0712840825 

Call us on + 32 473 72 02 66

The HR Marketers

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